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Standart Around The Office

I?m an asshole, always been one and always will be. I got where I am because I take no prisoners, do business the hard and honest way, and am respected for it but, most of my clients will agree with the afore statement.My brand management company was built from the ground up. A lot of hard work, gambles, and sacrifices brought me where I am today. What helped a lot was the fact that I moved on from failures, counting it as education in the big world.My private life sucked but again, I ran it the way I ran my business: take no prisoners. At forty-five, I was well established, and with my looks, energy, and built, there was never a shortage of pussy. I never wanted a relationship, seldom bedded the same girl twice, and never had any scares. Bedding the same girl twice was creating a pattern, and patterns lead to commitment and trouble.I looked up from my laptop and saw Sally standing in the doorway. For once, her expression and what I felt at that moment scared me. It was just a funny feeling I had.?Your brother is on line one,? she said. Sally had been my executive assistant for almost ten years. I never hired or appointed her by the way. She saw to that herself. She would probably be the closest I would ever come to a relationship with a woman.The day she walked in after being invited for an interview with me is one I will never forget. She was dressed professionally in a navy-blue skirt, white blouse, and four-inch heels. Her legs were encased in black stockings shielding the fact that she had a good sprinkle of freckles all over her body. Her hair at the time was a burning red, simply in a fishtail pleat, dark-rimmed glasses adorning her face.What she did in the interview was what blew me out of the water.The phone on my desk rang and without batting an eye she leaned over and picked up. ?Vernon Gerber?s office.?I faintly hear the other person to which she replied, ?He?s in a meeting at the moment, how can I help you??She leaned over me to retrieve my diary from the other side of my desk while I listened to the faint noises coming through the receiver.In the process, she had to almost lean over me, her cute butt was in my face, a whiff of her soft perfume permeating my nostrils. She simply sat on my desk, going through my diary.?He?s got an opening on Tuesday between nine and ten. Your number?? She proceeded Porno 64 to scribble it down in pencil. It was a former and very valued client of mine.Then she uttered something that I never expected. ?It?s Sally, I?m Vernon?s PA. I just started today.?That sealed the deal for a relationship that would have its ups and downs, but it gave me a person I could rely on from the word ?Go?. Sally was the first woman I ever trusted, save my mother, of course.I took the call from Douglas. It was Helen and his twentieth anniversary, and they wanted me to fly over to Seattle for the event.As a teen, Douglas was your typical podgy, Coke bottle-bottomed glasses, nerd but fuck, he was brainy. After completing his degree in Electronics at a major Cape Town university, he was invited to do his Masters in the US, and eventually, he was awarded his Ph.D. a few years after.That is where he met Helen, a shy, brainy but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous strawberry blonde. They soon got married, and I flew out to the States to attend the wedding. Afterward, we kept in contact, and they flew out to South Africa a few times on holiday.How he kept up with such a gorgeous creature got the better of me at times, but they stuck it out. She eventually graduated with her own Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Science. Phew, brainiacs?Sally saw to everything like a good PA; all my travel arrangements were perfect as could be expected, and I walked through the gates at Seattle-Tacoma a week later. Douglas was there to meet me, and I realized how much he had changed over the years. Goatee, gone were the glasses, and he looked almost as fit as I was.?Welcome to Seattle,? he beamed, giving me a tight bear hug.On the way home he gave me the nutshell about him and Helen, the family, kids, work, and general shit. I stiffened when he mentioned how Helen?s baby sister Julie was looking forward to seeing me. I remembered Julie - quite well, actually. I fucked her then-eighteen-year-old brains out the night after the wedding. Of course, she would now be around thirty-eight if I do the quick math.We agreed beforehand that I would stay in a hotel that Douglas wasn?t very keen on but which conveniently was just around the corner from the hotel where their celebrations would be. It was just more convenient for me, and I also had Konulu Porno two days to kill before the party.Saturday night, a cab dropped me at the designated hotel and with a slight whiff of bourbon, I entered the foyer.*I wasn?t sure where to head off to and while trying to figure things out, I was approached by a gorgeous young redhead.?You look about as lost as I am.??Yes, I?m here for the Gerber party but not sure where to go either.?A concierge approached us, and soon we were pointed in the right direction. There was a sign, apparently, that both the catwalk model and I had missed. As we walked on, I stuck out my hand, ?I?m Vernon by the way.?She extended her right hand with perfect nails and varnish and striking blue eyes meeting mine, ?I?m Andy.? I saw her much clearer now, and it was as if I looked right into Julie?s eyes. An uneasy sensation ran down my spine.?Looks like we?re both here by ourselves,? she smiled at me. I smiled back and indicated we should get to the ballroom.?Yes, I flew in the day before yesterday. So, no time to arrange a date.??Your accent, it?s almost?.??South African?? I completed for her.?You?re uncle Dougie?s brother then???That?s me, yes.??He?s my uncle.?I could see where the uneasy feeling was coming from and where it was going. Well, if it worked out that way, maybe I could notch both mother and daughter on my bedpost.We took a slight turn and headed to the bar, no use walking in and not having a source to drink from. I got her a glass of red wine and myself a bourbon, and, as it was a bit early, we shot the shit while enjoying our drinks.Slowly, things started coming out. She was in her final year of Medical at some institution back East.?I never met my dad; my mom never mentioned him. So, I think he was just one of her mistakes along the road. Luckily, I did not inherit her loose ways, if you understand what I mean.??Who?s your mom then?? I chanced.?Julie, Aunt Helen?s youngest sister.?I went cold and felt the blood drain from my face. There was an uneasy feeling underneath my collar, but I hid it all by taking a calculated sip of bourbon. If she noticed, she did not show it and the conversation went on as before.As the party started and got underway, I was the only one between us who was sort of in step with who and what we might Porno İndir be. We were seated at the same table, enjoyed our food, and danced often.She was an excellent conversationalist, I enjoyed her company immensely. Much later we stuck around on the dance floor when a slower number played. Naturally, we danced closer. I started getting turned on and the situation was becoming a bit uncomfortable. At some point, I could swear I notice her breathing change. All the same, there was this little voice nagging, ?Is she or isn?t she.?After the song, we left the floor with her looking at me sideways and smirking. Moments before we sat down, Julie was at our side. ?Who?s the handsome guy, Andy???Oh, sorry Mom. This is Uncle Dougie?s brother Vernon; Vernon, my mom, Julie.??Hello Vernon,? Julie greeted me stiffly, ?Andy, allow me to introduce your father.?Andy blushed a bright crimson but stepped in and gave me a hug. ?No wonder we get along like fire,? she giggled. I was perplexed. I had an idea but?The night of Douglas and Helen's wedding, I had singled Julie out from the start. I mean, who had never fantasized about fucking the bridesmaids at a wedding? Julie was gorgeous at eighteen years old; I was going to have her. All the while dancing, she indicated her interest in me by purposely brushing against my hard cock. Julie might have been young, but she wasn?t shy about it. At some point, I was sure she would have allowed me to take her right there on the dance floor. Late that night, my hand slipped between us, and I gently rubbed her generous-for-eighteen tits, around dark corners she was sly enough to cop a feel of what I was sporting.She was eighteen at the time and her flaming red hair and the subtle warmth of her perfume and her soft skin did it for me. That I was a few years older than her never bothered me, it was a pussy, and I was going to take it. My brother wasn?t the only Gerber having a wedding night.She looked up at me with a face flushed and asked, ?Wanna go somewhere quiet??I led her off the floor, out of the ballroom, and up to my fifteenth-floor hotel room. In the elevator, I wasted no time and when the doors opened, two of my fingers had already found her slippery snatch. She was moaning and I am sure, had we two more floors to go, she would have creamed on my invading digits.The door closed behind us, and my jacket slipped off my shoulders the same moment she slipped my suit pants down. She inhaled my erect cock halfway down and cupped my full nut sack with a free hand. The other was between her legs getting her the rest of the way from where I left her.
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