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Standart Obsessed

ObsessedHe watched her undress herself, and crawled into your bed. He asked if he could join her , by laying down beside her . *quot;Sure you can*quot; while she looked very happy to see him.Just before he start to approach the bed. She grabbed his belt buckle, and begun to strip him .After she pulled him close while she were already naked. She pushed his head towards her pussy, and told him to lick until she could cum.So he begin to lick her clit, and downward towasrds her crack as he begin to hear moans , and he kept feeling her shake with pleasure.After he started to lick his way back towards her clit then as her pussy became wet. He inserts his tongue inside of her pussy.He swirled his tongue inside of her clock wise while he played with her clit with bahis siteleri his finger tips.*quot;Yes Oh Yes!*quot; She cried out while she was biting on a pillow. She wrapped her legs around his head while she were beginning to move her hips.He wrap both of his arms around her thighs to pull her closer, so that his tongue could go in deeper. Twitching, and moving she started to scream *quot;D-don't stop I'm cumming baby!!*quot; While he thrusts my six inched tongue in
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