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Standart Big Gulp

I got up, my legs trembling slightly, and breathing hard, sat on the edge of the bed. Joel rolled off the bed and moved around and stood in front of me.

*quot;Your turn.*quot; He said.

Both of us in our on break from our college senior year and horny to try new things. We had talked and talked about sex involving two men and had dared each other into this man to man sex. He always was the more aggressive of the two of us.

I looked up into his brown eyes and he smiled. I scanned his tan body as I lowered my eyes back down until they were level with the tip of his hard cock.

His blood-engorged prick stood proud from a forest of dark curly pubic hairs . His cock was slightly longer than mine was, but not as thick. It twitched in time to his heartbeat, bobbing slightly above his balls. His balls were huge, much larger than mine. They were larger than good-sized lemons and I hoped they held loads of semen.

*quot;Well?*quot; He asked, *quot;Aren't you going to suck me? That was the deal.*quot;

I moved forward just as he pushed his hips forward causing the tip of his cock to *quot;prick*quot; my right eye.

*quot;Watch it! You'll prick my eye out.*quot; I said, moving back and grabbing his cock with my right hand.

His seven and one half-inch cock was hot. The skin was smooth and bumpy at the same time and it slid over the hardness underneath as I stroked another man's cock for the first time in my life.

*quot;Suck it you bastard.*quot; Joel hissed.

*quot;I will. Give me a minute.*quot; I replied.

I raised his cock up and moved my left hand up and tried to cup his balls.

They were just too big to hold at the same time so I lightly squeezed first the right testicle and than the left. As I played with them, I could feel each spongy ball slid easily in its sac.

I tilted güvenilir bahis my head to the right and lowering it, stuck out my tongue. I washed his left nut, watching the curly hairs kink even more, as my saliva soaked them, plastering them against the wrinkled skin. I licked my way across, bathing his right nut the same way. I felt his prick spasm in my hand.

*quot;God that feels great.*quot; He moaned.

I opened my mouth and sucked on his right nut, pulling it into my mouth. I rolled it around as best I could, pushing it up and down and back and forth with my tongue. God his balls were large! I let it fall from my mouth into my hand. I moved to his other large nut and sucked it into my mouth, loving on it in the same way. His nut slipped from my lips onto the palm of my hand where I massaged it with my fingertips.

*quot;Suck me!' He ordered, putting his hands on my head.

I let his cock fall from my hand and watched as his hard prick bounced up and down just inches from my mouth. He pulled on my head trying to move it closer to his cock.

I resisted and said, *quot;No. Move back.*quot;

He obeyed, lessening the pressure on my head and stepped back. I followed him and dropped to my knees. If I was going to suck cock and swallow cum for the first time, I wanted to be on my knees. I wanted to worship cock. My wife's pussy was fantastic, but tonight I wanted a cock spurting cum down my throat.

I looked at the tip of his cock. It was so close I felt as if my eyes were going to cross. I brought it into focus and watched as a small drop of precum formed at the slit. I moved my head forward and inhaled through my nose. I could smell the soap from the earlier shower mixed with the smell of his manliness. I touched the drop with my tongue and swallowed. There was just the türkçe bahis faintest hint of a semen-like taste from the drop.

*quot;Hmmmm.*quot; I said.

I licked the head of his cock and Joel gasped. The skin on the head was tight, silky and warm on the tip of my tongue. My mouth surged with saliva and I washed his cockhead using the wet, flat area of my tongue. His cock spasmed and bounced in the air. I opened my mouth and inhaled the head with my mouth.

I moved forward and more of his wonderful prick slid into my eager mouth. I retreated, loving the feel of his cock sliding on my lips and tongue.

I took him in my mouth and began to go up and down on him slowly and softly, being very careful with my teeth. I gagged a little as I took him too deep, the tip touching the entrance to my throat.

*quot;Relax and breath deeply.*quot; He said.

I took several deep breaths with his cock deep in my mouth and tried to relax.

Again I began to go up and down his hard length. He used his hands to pull and push my head up and down his cock. This helped me to relax more and his cock went deeper and deeper.

Suddenly his pubes were tickling my nose, lips, and forehead. I had done it!

I had swallowed my best friend's steel hard, cock completely! I didn't move my head or he his hands as we both enjoyed the accomplishment.

*quot;Better... gasp... than... moan... Betty. Suck... hiss... my... moan... cock... gasp... umm*quot;

I had to breathe and I moved my head back. I sucked on his cock, mixing deepthroating him with short powerful sucking actions on just the head of his prick.

Joel started fucking my mouth and throat using his hips to drive his cock in and out of my face. I knelt on my knees letting him fuck my face as if it were his wife's pussy. Joel's güvenilir bahis siteleri strokes became more powerful and I heard him grunt. I knew it wouldn't be long until his cock was spurting hot streams of cum.

He was using his hands on my head, pulling and pushing it back and forth in the opposite direction of his thrusting cock. Joel was moaning almost continuously, his breath coming in short hard gasps.

He gasped loudly; *quot;I'm coming!*quot; Joel shoved his cock completely down my throat and I felt his cock get bigger and harder. He moaned and his cock spasmed. I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat and I had no choice but to swallow. He was as still as a statue as he shot another load into my month and down my throat.

Dammit! I had to taste his cum!

I pulled back and he let me as his cock shot another load of cum into my mouth. I didn't swallow this shot or the next or the next. His balls had promised a large load of cum and that is what they delivered. He continued to spurt shot after shot of cum, filling my mouth. Finally I had no choice but to swallow and I felt the slimy mix of cum and saliva slide down my throat. I loved the slightly bitter taste of his cum.

I moved my head back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth. I moved a hand up and squeezed his tight balls and jacked his hard shaft with my other hand. Small spurts of cum landed on the flat of my tongue. I milked his cock and balls and prick of every drop of cum. It was marvelous, the taste, the texture and the sense of fulfillment.

His cock started to soften and I let it slide back into my mouth. I gently sucked on it and ran my tongue around the soft silky head.

*quot;Oh fuck. Stop. It almost hurts it feels so good.*quot; He hissed.

I stopped, remembering how it felt after I had climaxed deep into his throat earlier. I let his limp dick fall from my mouth and kissed the head of his cock. He fell to his knees and we kissed.


*quot;Yes. Later. I need to rest.*quot;
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