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Standart A Summer Party Special Ch. 02

*quot;Holy shit!,*quot; Kevin muttered. *quot;She sure is one hot looking woman.*quot; Kevin and Gwen were now in the kitchen cleaning up the last of the party dishes and neither of them bothered to get dressed.

*quot;I heard that Kevin,*quot; Gwen said with a laugh as she poked him gently in the ribs. *quot;I'll show you just how hot I am.*quot;

Kevin ran his hands over Gwen's pert breasts cupping each one gently. *quot;I can't keep my hands off of you honey.*quot; He told her as he kneeded each breast.

Gwen could feel her body giving into the pleasures of being touched by her cousin. *quot;MMM, I don't want you to ever get tired of touching me honey.*quot; She turned in his arms and pressing her body hard against Kevin's she kissed him long and hard and deep with her tongue. *quot;Let's go up stairs and I'll show you some of my mom's toys.*quot;

Kevin had forgotten just how big his aunt and uncle's house was and he gasped in surprise when Gwen opened the door to one of the spare rooms and saw that it was full of sexual aids such as leather straps, a swing, dildos, vibrators and a bed. *quot;Wow, This is some room Gwen.*quot; Kevin said with some surprise in his voice. *quot;How did you know about the room?*quot;

*quot;I saw my mom go in there once.*quot; She said without a hint of shame. *quot;I watched her play with herself when she forgot to lock the door.*quot; Gwen explained how she got her hands on her mother's key and had a copy made.

*quot;I can't believe that your mom really...*quot; Kevin started saying when he flashed on a picture of his aunt spreading her legs and playing with a vibrator. He became speechless.

Gwen moved with the grace of a cat on the prowl picking up a vibrator as she moved for the bed. *quot;I learned a few things watching my mom.*quot; She said as she sat down spread her legs and started to move the vibrator over her pussy.

Kevin couldn't believe that his Aunt Terry and his Uncle William would even have such a room as the one he and gwen were in. *quot;Christ Gwen,*quot; Kevin said more to convince himself that the room was real. *quot;I never would have believed that your mom and dad would dream of having a room like this.*quot;

Gwen never stopped using the vibrator. *quot;Neither did I.*quot; She gasped as she reached her moment of climax. *quot;Don't you dare do that Kevin!*quot; She saw that her cousin was stroking his cock while she had been using the vibrator. *quot;I want that cock for myself.*quot; A smile played sensuously across her lips. *quot;Now bring yourself over here lover.*quot; Gwen couldn't take her eyes off of Kevin's semi-hard cock that swung between his legs.

*quot;I told you before that you...*quot; Kevin started saying when Gwen's lips started caressing his cock. For some reason his voice didn't sound like his own when he spoke, he sounded like someone else. *quot;Did you really see your mom masturbate?*quot; This last he managed to say between groans of pleasure for Gwen's lips were doing their job of getting him off. It was the picture in his mind of his naked Aunt Terry with her legs spread playing with herself was to much for him.

Gwen knew why her cousin and lover fixated on her mother's masturbation, he still had the *quot;hots*quot; for her mom, which for some strange and vicarious reason pleased her. No doubt her lover could see the mother through the daughter since Gwen looked very like her mom. *quot;Why Kevin,*quot; Gwen stopped sucking on her cousin's cock. *quot;I just bet you would like to do more than watch my mom play with herself.*quot; Not expecting any answer from Kevin she went back to sucking his cock until he emptied his load into her eager mouth.

Once Kevin was spent they decided to take their second shower together and until they stepped into the shower Kevin said nothing about Gwen's earlier remarks about her mom. *quot;I never could fool you could I?*quot; He said as he tried to approach the subject of Aunt Terry. *quot;I always thought that after you, your mom was one of the sexiest looking women around.*quot;

Gwen pulled her cousin close as the shower water cascaded over and between their naked bodies. *quot;You always thought I looked sexy?*quot; It seemed to come as a surprise to her that she was thought of as being sexier than her mom whom she always admired and not just for her physical attributes. She was glad to see Kevin nod his head in answer to her question.

*quot;Hell yes, I've always thought of you as the sexiest girl I ever knew,*quot; Kevin told his cousin as they dried each other off. *quot;And I'm not just saying that because of what we've been doing with one another.*quot;

Gwen knew that Kevin was telling the truth because over the years whenever they were horsed around he would hold her longer than most people would consider appropriate or his hands wound up touching her in very intimate places as though they were lovers and she loved every moment of his touch. *quot;Still, I can't help but think that you really wouldn't mind bedding my mother as well.*quot; Gwen stroked her lover's cheek.

As the two lovers walked from the shower to Gwen's bedroom Kevin spun Gwen around to face him and he put her back against the wall. *quot;I want you to listen to me real good honey.*quot; Kevin felt awkward holding Gwen güvenilir bahis against the wall. *quot;I love you, I've always loved you and you know it.*quot; Kevin was glad to see a smile on his cousin's face. *quot;I want us to get married, I can't see my life without you being a big part of it.*quot;

Kevin's revelation didn't come as a big surprise to Gwen so she patted a spot next to her on the bed as she told Kevin. *quot;*quot;I've always known that you loved me honey,*quot; she took his hand and placed it between her legs. *quot;Just as I've always known that you would eventually ask me to marry you and that I would say yes. I just didn't think that you would propose so soon.*quot;

Kevin was happy as could be at Gwen's positive response. *quot;I don't have an engagement ring at the moment, but I hope this will do for the moment.*quot; He took a thin silver chain with a shamrock on it that he had worn forever and he gave to Gwen who put it on right away.

*quot;Oh, I don't have anything to give you at the moment love.*quot; Gwen said as she fingered the chain that she put around her neck.

*quot;You already gave me something,*quot; Kevin kissed Gwen as he stroked her hair gently. *quot;You gave yourself to me.*quot;

The need to get some sleep was catching up to Kevin and Gwen. *quot;You're right about one thing lover.*quot; Kevin whispered in Gwen's ear.

*quot;What's that?*quot; Gwen asked as she snuggled close to Kevin.

*quot;Your right you know, about your mom I mean.*quot; Kevin spoke softly. *quot;I would love to do more than just watch your mom use the vibrator on herself.*quot;

Rubbing her ass against Kevin's groin Gwen chuckled, *quot;That's good honey, I hope you'll let me watch.*quot;

*quot;I'll do better than that,*quot; Kevin laughed joining in his cousin's joke. *quot;I'll ask you to join us.*quot;

When Kevin awoke the next morning it took him a few moments to get himself orinted and as the cobwebs of sleep cleared from his mind he smiled as he recalled what happened between Gwen and himself and it was good. He reached over to find Gwen gone from the bed. *quot;Probably in the bathroom.*quot; He muttered as he got up. The smell of cooking food however made him realize that Gwen was cooking breakfast. Kevin hurried to join her in the kitchen.

Gwen was standing by the stove when Kevin entered the kitchen, she was wearing a pair of tight cut off shorts and Kevin's button down shirt leaving the buttons undone so that her lover could see her breasts. *quot;About time you got up sleepy head.*quot; She said in a sing song sort of voice. *quot;Sorry I put your shirt on, it was the first one I could find.*quot;

*quot;Are you kidding?*quot; Kevin said as he pulled Gwen onto his lap facing him so that he could move the open shirt aside and kiss her breasts. *quot;You look better in that shirt than I ever could.*quot;

*quot;Now that we're engaged I guess that means I can wear your shirts anytime.*quot; She said playfully as she turned back to the stove in order to get the food to the table.

*quot;You can do that anytime you want.*quot; Kevin replied taking a playful swat at his cousin's firm ass. When Gwen shook her butt at him he started laughing. *quot;Are you asking for a spanking darling?*quot;

*quot;You wouldn't dare,*quot; Gwen was laughing just as hard as Kevin. *quot;Espcially since I'm cooking such a great breakfast.*quot;

As they finished their breakfast Kevin had to ask. *quot;What time are your parents due to return home?*quot;

*quot;Not enough time for us to have more sex.*quot; She said regretfully as she started to put everything back where they belonged.

The two lovers quickly showered and dressed, then they made sure that there was no evidence of last nights activities left to be found by Gwen's mom and dad.

*quot;Kevin,*quot; Gwen talked as they cleaned up the backyard with the exception of the broken lounger. *quot;I think it best that you leave for an hour or so and then come back.*quot; Gwen sounded nervous even to herself. *quot;By then my parents will be home long enough for you to stop in and pick me up.*quot;

*quot;Pick you up to do what?*quot; Kevin asked as he kissed her goodbye.

*quot;There's another party and I am taking you as my date.*quot; Gwen touched Kevin's crotch with a wicked smile on her face. *quot;Besides,*quot; Gwen's voice dropped an octave. *quot;I don't want to be apart from you for to long.*quot;

Kevin lived only a short distance from his aunt and uncle's house so it didn't take him all that long to drive back to his own house.*quot;I don't know what I got myself into.*quot; He was talking to his cat who greeted him as he walked through the door. *quot;I asked my cousin to marry me, can you believe that shit?*quot; The cat contented itself with being petted and fed. *quot;I can see just how much you care cat.*quot; Kevin laughed ruefully and headed for his room for a change into clean clothes.

The ringing of the phone jared him back to his senses, he must have dozed off in his livingroom chair. *quot;Hello, Gwen?*quot; He asked half awake.

*quot;I never thought you would answer the phone.*quot; Gwen said sounding somewhat desperate. *quot;I need you to come back here now, my mom is here but not my dad.*quot;

Kevin didn't hesitate about answering Gwen's call for help, he got into his car and rushed türkçe bahis over. When Kevin entered the house the first person to greet him was Gwen. *quot;What's happened?*quot; Kevin asked quickly.

*quot;My mom says,*quot; Gwen began in a rush of words. *quot;That she caught my dad in bed with another woman.*quot;

*quot;Are you sure that you heard her right?*quot; Kevin seemed incredulous about the news.

*quot;My mom is in the den right now trying to call our family lawyer.*quot; Gwen informed Kevin quickly as she lead the way to the den.

What greeted the lovers was a sight that neither had ever seen before, Aunt Terry was dishevled in apperance. They could see that Terry's hair had a wind blown look and the top buttons on her blouse was undone. Kevin and Gwen had a good glimps of Terry's satin bra and a fair ammount of her breasts, she made no effort to button her shirt.

*quot;You have no idea what kind hell I've been through the last two days.*quot; She said after hanging up the phone. *quot;Hello Kevin.*quot; She said the moment she realized that someone was there with her daughter. *quot;It seems as though your Uncle Bill has found comfort in the arms of another woman.*quot;

It made no sense to Kevin that his uncle could possibly find someone better that Aunt Terry, after all Terry was smart, beautiful and dispite her age she still looked as though she were in her early twenties. *quot;I'm sorry to hear that Aunt Terry.*quot; He stammered when he found his voice again. Without thinking about what he was doing he said. *quot;Let me get you something to drink Aunt Terry.*quot; And he went to the sideboard and poured her a drink. As he moved back to where his aunt was sitting he noticed how her short skirt rode up her legs and exposed her shapely thighs.

*quot;Mmm, Just what the doctor ordered Kevin, how did you know?*quot; Terry said and took a deep swallow. Looking at her daughter and Kevin she went on. *quot;You two are lifesavers.*quot; She said with a chuckle that sounded just a little bit strained. Terry polished off her drink and then went and poured herself another. As Terry passed by her nephew she leaned over and kissed him full on the lips, letting him taste the alcohol on her soft lips. A strange look came over her face as she kissed Kevin again and this time she pressed her tongue against his lips.

Though he was surprised by his aunt's sudden kisses, he opened his mouth letting her tongue inside. *quot;Aunt Terry,*quot; Kevin said in between kisses. *quot;Gwen is here,*quot; By now Kevin had wrapped his arms around his aunt and pulled her to him feeling her firm breasts press against his chest. *quot;And I need to tell you something...*quot; Kevin added a little more pressure to his kisses and he felt his aunt respond with deeper thrusts of her tongue into his mouth he was unable to finish what he wanted to say.

Terry's dark blonde hair was worn sholder length and she was mabey an inch or two taller than her daughter. Like Gwen, Terry's eyes were green and now they seemed to glow even brighter with each kiss. Terry could feel Kevin's hard on pressing against her thigh. *quot;You have to be careful with that thing in your pants honey, it may go off.*quot;

Terry put her drink down carefully and smiled, *quot;I do believe that you have to be the best nephew any aunt could ever wish for.*quot;

Kevin and Gwen watched Terry as she left the den and head for the kitchen. *quot;Did you have to kiss my mother like that?*quot; Gwen said pushing Kevin hard in the chest.

*quot;It was so much like kissing you I couldn't help myself.*quot; He said as he grabbed Gwen and holding her against the book case he kissed her long and hard his free hand played with her breasts. Kevin ment what he said about the kissing, it was just like kissing Gwen and he was turned on by it.

*quot;Your a sick man Kevin,*quot; Gwen gasped laughing as Kevin pulled her shirt up exposing her breasts. *quot;But I love you just the same.*quot; Gwen gave kevin a gentle push and said. *quot;Let's go see what my mom is doing in the kitchen.*quot;

*quot;That was some kiss you gave me Kevin,*quot; Aunt Terry said as Kevin and Gwen entered the kitchen. *quot;I must admit that I liked it a whole lot.*quot;

*quot;I'm sorry Aunt Terry,*quot; Kevin said his face flush with embarrassment. *quot;I thought you looked like you needed a kiss...*quot; His voice trailed off.

*quot;You have nothing to be sorry for Kevin.*quot; Terry said as she moved closer to her nephew. *quot;I liked your kissing very much.*quot; And to prove it she kissed Kevin again.

Not one to pass up an opertunity Kevin ran his hands over his aunts firm ass.

*quot;Why aren't you the bold one.*quot; Terry said with a throaty chuckle not even stopping her nephew from moving his hands over her ass and under her skirt. *quot;You are being very, very naughty with your Aunt Terry.*quot; She kissed her nephew even harder this time.

What's going to happen now mom?*quot; Gwen asked not showing any signs of jealousy over the action between her lover and mother.

*quot;I'm going to take your bastard of a father to the cleaners.*quot; Terry told her daughter as she streched her arms out only to expose more of her bra covered breasts. Terry made no effort to cover herself, she güvenilir bahis siteleri didn't feel like it.

*quot;Will Uncle Bill be returning home Aunt Terry?*quot; Kevin asked standing in the middle of the kitchen with his hard on visible for all the world to see.

*quot;Not if he knows what's good for him honey.*quot; Terry said with another drink in her hand. Terry turned to her daughter and said. *quot;Honey, do me a favor and start the bath for me if you would.*quot; A slow smile crept across her face. *quot;I want to get rid of your father's scent and I need a long soak.*quot; Turning to her nephew she said, *quot;How about you helping me up the stairs Kevin.*quot;

Gwen stepped out of her parents bathroom saying. *quot;The tubs ready mom.*quot;

As Terry streched her arms she felt her nephew behind her reaching around her to finish unbuttoning her half open blouse. *quot;Getting a little bold aren't we.*quot; She said gently after all she really didn't want to discourage her nephew's attention. With her blouse now on the floor she still had a half slip and her satin bra in place. *quot;I can't very well take a bath with my bra on honey.*quot;

Kevin couldn't help himself for being slow to get to Terry's bra, he couldn't take his eyes off of her full breasts encased in the satin bar that she wore. Kevin shook himself back to the moment and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts are beautiful he thought, he eyed her rigid nipples wanting to touch them with his fingers.

Gwen not wanting to be left out moved closer to her aunt and pulled her mother's half slip and skirt to the floor leaving her mother standing in her black satin panties which she also removed and as she stood back up she let her lips brush against her mom's pouty pussy lips.

*quot;Mmmm,Even my daughter is being a little bit naughty.*quot; Terry said with a smile as she moved into her bathroom. Terry always seemed to move with grace and poise and she did so even now. That she was standing in front of her daughter and nephew didn't bother her at all.

Once Gwen's mom disappeared into the bathroom Kevin and Gwen looked at each other and quickly removed their own clothes and waited a few moments before they themselves entered the bathroom.

Gwen couldn't take her eyes off of her mother who by now was partly submerged in the tub with her eyes closed. It was easy to see why Kevin could be turned on by her mom, in fact Gwen noticed with a smile that Kevin's cock was already rigid. Gwen looked around and quickly found what she was after, the scented body wash. Gwen knelt behind her mother and started to rub the lotion onto her mom's shoulders. A sigh was Gwen's immediate reward for her efforts.

*quot;Ah, That feels good honey,*quot; Terry sighed when she felt her daughter's fingers kneed her shoulders. *quot;You've come to help wash your father out of my life have you?*quot;

*quot;It'll be fine mom.*quot; Gwen said sounding not so sure.

*quot;Your a good girl honey.*quot; Terry told her daughter softly, her eyes still closed not caring at all that her daughter was seeing her in the nude. Nothing mattered to her at the moment. Terry let out a little gasp when Gwen traced the outline of her nipples with her fingertips.

Gwen was delighted when she felt her mom's nipples harden when she touched them and even more delighted when her mom let out a soft moan and instead of shooing her away she let her fondle her breasts. It couldn't get any better than this she thought until she felt Kevin's fingers move between her ass and her own hungry pussy. *quot;You sure know how to get me hot Kevin.*quot; She whispered in Kevin's ear as he bent down to nibble on her neck.

*quot;Why don't you join your mom in the the tub honey.*quot; Kevin said while still playing with Gwen's pussy.

Gwen gave Kevin a lingering kiss then stepped into the tub and sat between her mom's legs and with the bottle of body wash in her hands she let some of it pour out on to Terry's breasts and nipples before she continued to wash her mom's body.

*quot;Ah, Whatever your doing sweetheart,*quot; Terry gasped. *quot;Don't stop.*quot; Feeling her daughter's fingers playing with her nipples had become a turn on for her. *quot;Whoever taught you to touch someone's nipples like that should be thanked properly.*quot; Terry's head was thrown back and her body squirmed gently in the tub.

*quot;I thanked my teacher more than once already mom.*quot; Gwen said as she smiled at Kevin. *quot;I will probably thank him again later as well.*quot;

As Kevin watched his cousin and her mother in the tub he started to play with his own cock until a look from Gwen told he better not jerk off. *quot;Sorry.*quot; He mouthed the words in reply.

Terry was feeling relaxed as Gwen's hands moved over her breasts and shoulders then down over her stomach. Everything felt so relaxing then she felt Gwen's finger move over the lips of her pussy before she slid it in. *quot;Oh my God!*quot; She yelped softly. *quot;What are you doing?*quot; She asked as her breath came shorter sharper gasps while Gwen wiggled her fingers in and out of her pussy. Every time she felt Gwen touch her clit she arched her hips off of the tub bottom feeling ready to explode.

Gwen was doing her best to copy the moves that Kevin did with her and it pleased her to see that it was working. *quot;We want you to relax and enjoy yourself mom.*quot; She said softly.
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