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Standart Bonded: Together

Recap: Emily and her best friends, Jessica and Sarah, are bonded together for life. Not just from the implicit trust they have for another, but from the dramatic and violent event they unknowing are approaching in their lives. One night a friendly lesbian rivalry stirs up competition between the three college seniors to see who could be the first to seduce a straight woman before they leave for spring break next week.

Bonded: Together


*quot;...and just remember, what's the most important thing that we learned today?*quot;

The chorus of kid's voices shouted, *quot;keep your guard up!*quot;

*quot;That's right!*quot; Aaron said as he lowered one of his hands. *quot;Because if you don't...*quot; Jessica swung her right glove in a wide grazing hook and knocked Aaron in the cheek. Aaron made a shocked face and exaggerated as he stumbled backwards. The kids got a big laugh out of that. Even Jessica smirked at how stupid Aaron could be. *quot;Alright, guys! Times up. Let's make the train!*quot;

The army of short boys and girls clamored and jockeyed for position in line as they started walking by Aaron then Jessica giving them fist bumps before running wildly to their parents. Jessica didn't want to admit Emily was right but she was the one who suggested she start teaching the kids classes to get over her fear of children (and annoyance with people in general). Jessica had been training with Aaron at his MMA gym for over three years now and had excelled to be one of the best students he had. So much so that she had even began competing casually in amateur women's MMA fights. She had won all three last year that she competed in. It wasn't long after that Emily began pushing for Jessica to start teaching the kids class.

Jessica had replied to Emily, *quot;it's not a fear of kids, it's a dislike of them.*quot;

*quot;Tomato tomato,*quot; Emily shrugged. But despite her dislike of the idea, she did anyways just because Emily suggested it. Once a week for the past three months she had taught or assisted the kids' class- 8 to 12-year olds, for an hour.

Patricia fist bumped Aaron but when she came to Jessica she leapt into her thigh and waist, hugging her. *quot;Haha good job tonight, tough little lady,*quot; Jessica patted her on her back. Hugs were never a comfortable thing for Jessica. Her best friend taught her the mechanics of hugging when they became friends in high school but it was still never anything she sought out.

I've made it this far in life without hugging I can make it the rest of the way without it, she figured.

But in the class of 22 kids, 6 of them were girls who definitely looked up to Jessica in every single way. That was one of the reasons Aaron also wanted her to help teach. Very few MMA schools had skilled women on staff. Each one of the girls now, and several of the boys, gave Jessica hugs instead of fist bumps. But slowly over the past months the kids had lowered Jessica's defenses. She decided she could handle kids at this age. After they were done being whiny cunts but before they became raging assholes.

Jessica saw this improvement in her personal life as a step in the right direction. Emily was a constant positive, be it an occasionally annoying, force in her life. Ever since they had become friends in high school Emily slowly learned of Jessica's childhood and had taken it upon herself to become Jessica's constant in her life. A life coach of sorts. Jessica still wasn't the best at letting people into her life, but Emily was helping her with it, slowly. Jessica learned from the various mothers in her life that no one truly cared to listen about your problems, so she found complaining was a useless task. There was her first foster mother's response to everything which was, *quot;hm, that's too bad.*quot; This was quickly followed by her foster mother returning to cooking, cleaning, or TV without any more conversation.

Her response was still better than her second foster mother's which was to tell Jessica not to talk about her childhood and her biological mother because it, *quot;makes me sad.*quot; Foster mother number two lived her life in positivity. If you don't talk about the bad then it didn't exist to her. A quaint way to go about life if you thought about it. Living in a bubble of lies but those lies would bring you bliss.

But those were only temporary placements. The first only lasted six weeks when Jessica was seven years old. Just enough time for her biological mom to sober up and regain custody. Jessica remembered being so happy to be back with her mom. Her memories of her mom from that age seemed so pure. When it was just those two alone in their apartment every day, it was like camping. They slept on the floor with blankets with the lights off all the time. Other parents went to work or made their kids go to school, but not Jessica's mom. It was a new adventure every day. Walking through the streets and alleys to meet her mom's friends, stealing from stores and sneaking out.

It wasn't long after Jessica returned home that her mother relapsed. Her mom on drugs wasn't as much fun. There's güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a constant image in Jessica's mind of her mother, skinny and wiry from days without eating passed out in the bathroom and folded between the bath tub and toilet. The burning ashes of her cigarette inching closer to her knuckles between her fingers.

Jessica went inside the bathroom and took the cigarette from her hand and stuffed it out in the ash tray then did her best to turn her mother over on her side facing down. Jessica would stuff pillows behind her back so she could turn over while passed out and choke on her vomit. That was Jessica's job until she was 12 years old.

By then it had become an almost daily activity. Jessica was doing more of the household chores than her mother was at that point. After track practice she would clean the apartment, and make dinner while doing her homework. She even was starting to learn how to pay some of the bills for her mom using the disability check deposited in her bank account.

School was the worst and best part. Jessica loved anytime she had away from home. She was too shy to talk in class or ask the teachers anything before or after the bell rang, but she was fascinated by them. The adults seemed so... put together. They wore clean and pressed clothes, they had lives of their own, husbands, wives... She loved when they would talk about their childhood or going to college. Jessica would often fantasize that their stories were actually her's and that her life she came home to was in fact made up.

The worst part of school was of course, the other kids. The teasing became a constant as soon as puberty started. Even if Jessica hadn't been held back a year because of attendance issues, she was still taller than most boys two grades above her's. Jessica's wiry arms and legs and awkward social manner ensured she never gained a friend despite her occasional efforts that always ended in humiliation. By the time Child Services had been called for a second time on her mother, Jessica had given up completely on friends. Her life had been divided between school and taking care of her mother. But when her mother passed out on their apartment stairwell one Tuesday afternoon with a needle still protruding from the bruised vein in her foot, it became the last day Jessica would see her mother for years. She would sit on the stoop of their apartment building stairs with a young policeman while she watched her mom argue with medics as they loaded her in the ambulance.

After her second foster home stint, Jessica was bounced around between foster homes for years. She judged each one by the mothers. The fathers all seemed indifferent to her presence. The mothers set the rules and always seemed to have something to say about Jessica's life. How she was supposed to live and what she was supposed to do to deal with her past. Jessica wondered if that was when she developed her affinity for moms?

*quot;Man, you're really popular!*quot; Rose said as Jessica approached. All the kids ran to their parents, leaping one way to the other. *quot;Seems like everyone wants to give you hugs. What do you say Nathan, you want to give Jess a hug to say thank you?*quot;

Before Jessica could react, Nathan leapt onto Jessica's side and squeezed her in a deep hug. *quot;Huuuug!*quot; He exclaimed. Jessica forced a smile and wondered how long she'd have to wait before she could start pealing his arms from around her butt. Nathan was already a little asshole in the class. He never listened and constantly poked fun of other kids in class. Jessica knew she wasn't supposed to call a 10-year-old an asshole but she figured not doing so was just delaying the inevitable.

Nathan in 10 years will be a nightmare of a frat guy.

*quot;Yeah, I think they just don't see a lot of women on the matts,*quot; Jessica laughed politely as she removed Nathan from her.

*quot;Mom! Mom! Mom! I'm- I'm going to hit this- watch this!*quot; Nathan sputtered as he ran off to dive at one of the heavy bags others were playing around. A nightly tradition.

*quot;Okay, hunny, not long though,*quot; Rose said. While Rose watched her son, Jessica took the time to admire her. Rose definitely had the definition of a voluptuous body. With firm thighs, thick butt cheeks, and ample breasts, Rose's blond hair was just the cherry on top as far as Jessica was concerned. *quot;How'd he do today?*quot;

*quot;Good, good. Yeah, real good,*quot; Jessica lied. *quot;So, you planning another night out with the girls tomorrow?*quot;

Rose looked cautiously over her shoulders as she giggled uncomfortably, *quot;ummm... well no, nothing now, but you never know. Why do you ask?

*quot;Oh, nothing. I was just- my friends and I were going out to Maria's tomorrow night. Didn't know if you wanted to come out with us?*quot; Jessica asked as she wiped her palms on her white Jiu Jitsu pants.

*quot;Oh, what? Old lady me?*quot; Rose clapped her palm against her chest. *quot;I don't know if all your college friends want a Mom crashing your party.*quot;

It was nearly two weeks ago when Jessica, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Sarah, and Emily were bar hopping one Saturday night that they randomly ran into Rose and a group of her friends. Rose was beyond wasted so much so that she was nearly falling out of her dress. Her friends too, but each of them had found a man that evening to fondle and be fondled back by. Rose was sheepish at first. Like a child caught with her hand in a cookie jar. It was obvious she was on the prowl for a man who wasn't her husband, but instead Rose found her son's MMA instructor, Jessica. Nothing happened, of course, and unfortunately for Jessica. The combination of a night full of margaritas and seeing this milf in her stunning black dress made her want to take Rose to the bathroom right then and there. But their conversation definitely stirred Jessica's imagination. The image of the good wife and mother that Rose worked so hard to put forth wasn't quite as accurate as Jessica had once thought.

*quot;It's no party just a few of my girlfriends,*quot; Jessica lied, again. *quot;It was fun last time, if you want to do it, again?*quot;

Rose wore a wide grin as she struggled with it internally for a minute, *quot;okay, sure. But I can't stay long. My husband's going to start asking questions if I keep going out without him.*quot;

*quot;What? You're safe with me!*quot; Jessica smiled.


*quot;Jessica no, no! Oh, no!*quot; Rose giggled unstoppably as she rocked back and forth in her chair. Jessica tipped their second wine bottle upside down filling Rose's glass to the brim. *quot;You are going to get me drunk!*quot; Rose whispered loudly and wide eyed.

*quot;It's Friday night! What else is there to do?*quot; Jessica asked. Her cheeks were a rosy red. Jessica wore a blue checkered button up shirt with the buttons around her cleavage line unable to close around her thick perky breasts. With Emily's assistance, Jessica had gained a sense for wearing makeup and hair styling to make her look and feel more feminine, and for the most part Jessica's enjoyed it. But she still found it annoying to dress the part. Baggy t-shirt and jeans were always her go to, but she tried her best to look as presentable as possible for Rose, though she was nothing compared to Rose who decided to wear her sleek black dress from two weeks before. Needless to say, Jessica's eyes weren't leaving Rose as long as she stayed.

They had been at the bar for over two hours now Jessica was finally working up the courage to make her move. They sat on the outside patio of a wine bar called, Maria's. Between them was gas fire pit that kept a warm flame flickering between them. Though it was unseasonably warm for April, as the night grew later there was a chill in the air that drew them both close to the fire pit and each other.

*quot;I can't do my wifely and motherly duties if I'm shit faced,*quot; Rose laughed and took a long drink.

*quot;Oh, come on,*quot; Jessica waived Rose down as she sat back in her seat with her own glass. *quot;It's 11:30pm, your kids asleep so you don't have any duties by him and you can still be freaky with your husband drunk, can't you?*quot;

Rose shrugged and wore a devious smile as she thought about it, *quot;not really. I kinda become too much freak for him to handle when I drink... really, all the time...*quot;

*quot;Is that right?*quot; Jessica leaned forward.

*quot;I mean...*quot; Rose struggled with her words. Like she was confessing to a crime. *quot;I hate to say bad things about him, because my husband Nick is such a nice guy and he works so hard, but... he never seems to want to have sex. And when he does it's like just a couple minutes long... and a couple inches long.*quot; Rose made a pained face and took another drink.

*quot;Yeah... I could see that being frustrating... Have you tried to get fulfilled elsewhere?*quot; Jessica tested the waters.

Rose made a guilty face and nodded, *quot;I guess, I've always been more adventurous than my husband. I mean... I have needs, you know?*quot;

*quot;Absolutely,*quot; Jessica nodded and smiled, teasingly. *quot;How adventurous are we talking? Have you ever been... I don't know, say with a woman?*quot;

Rose whispered like it was a secret, *quot;no, but I've thought about it.*quot;

*quot;Never been tempted to experiment?*quot;

*quot;Tempted, yes, but I guess I never worked up the courage?*quot;

Jessica nodded but let the topic fizzle out as they drank their wine. They carried on drinking the remnants of the bottle and talking about each other's sexual exploits for another half hour before Rose announced she should be leaving. She had driven to the bar having not intended on drinking so much, so Jessica offered to split an Uber together.

*quot;I don't know,*quot; Rose said on wobbly legs as she walked to the exit. *quot;I've never used Uber before. Always seemed kinda creepy.*quot;

*quot;Come on, don't worry. I'll protect ya,*quot; Jessica gave her a wink. The entire Uber ride to Rose's was done in mostly silence. Jessica had asked the driver to turn the music up so he wouldn't talk to them. Jessica was sure to sit close next to Rose in the back seat. Their güvenilir bahis şirketleri shoulders and thighs brushed each other's while they drove. It wasn't until about half way through the drive that Jessica gave a reassuring tap on Rose's bare thigh just below her skirt. The tapping hand lingered and turned into a soft rub from Rose's knee to her inner thigh. Rose stiffened but didn't retreat from the touch. Jessica bit her lip. When the Uber pulled to a halt in front of Rose's two-story home, the moment Jessica had dreamed about occurred.

*quot;Do you want to come inside for one last drink?*quot; Rose asked.

*quot;Sure,*quot; Jessica smiled.

*quot;I don't have any wine, but I do have vodka or whiskey,*quot; Rose offered from the kitchen entry way. *quot;Are you into either of those?*quot;

*quot;I'm into everything,*quot; Jessica winked from the dark living room where she sat. *quot;Whiskey with ice would be perfect though.*quot;

Rose giggled and made a face, *quot;you're so naughty. I'll make yours a double.*quot; Rose winked back as she receded into the kitchen. When she returned, she fell into the couch beside Jessica so hard she had to adjust the bust of her dress as her breasts nearly bounced out of the neck of it.

They couldn't be too loud. They sat in the living room of Rose's house with only the oven light from the kitchen giving depth to the furniture and them in the living room. Stairs that lead to the second floor and Rose's sleeping son and husband fed right into the mouth of the living room, so they had to whisper.

Jessica sipped her whiskey and determined it was most likely an irish whiskey, which was good but she did prefer bourbon. Rose had made herself some kind of fruity vodka mix drink. The tall glass was filled with what looked like cranberry juice. She drank some and hissed as if she got a large mouthful of vodka. *quot;Mmm... you know, I don't think I've ever had whiskey by itself. Do you drink it often?*quot;

*quot;Depends on the company,*quot; Jessica said. *quot;When I hang out with women, they prefer wine which I can do. But if I'm hanging out with the boys, it's all whiskey for me, baby.*quot;

Rose laughed as she reached out and petted Jessica's arm. Her thumb lingering and brushing down the length of Jessica's tricep.

*quot;Do you want to try a taste?*quot; Jessica asked.

*quot;Hmm... I don't know, it's kind of like a shot... I don't know...*quot;

*quot;Nope, you won't have to drink anything.*quot; Jessica said turning towards her on the couch and grabbing her drink. *quot;Here, close your eyes.*quot;

Rose was hesitant, *quot;okay...*quot; she said nervously.

Once Rose's eyes were closed Jessica took a deep breath and downed the remainder of the drink. The cool bite of the whiskey lingered on her tongue for a minute after she swallowed the liquid. Jessica set the glass down on the coffee table and took her cellphone out from her pocket. Balancing it against the cup, she set it to record.

Cupping Rose's cheek gently as she leaned over top of her and slid her tongue between her lips. Rose's eye brows went high as she excepted the kiss and her hands lightly clasped Jessica's arm and hip. For a long moment Jessica slid her tongue in and out of Rose's lips slowly and gently while kissing her until she felt Rose's tongue push inside Jessica's mouth and she could taste the bright fruity mix of her drink.

As Jessica leaned back and to the side against the back-couch cushion, Rose followed. Raising up and breathing heavier into Jessica as they kissed, Rose hummed a moan as her body naturally curled into Jessica's lap. They made out for 10 maybe 15 minutes only stopping twice so Rose could look up at the ceiling while she questioned a noise to make sure her husband or son wasn't awake. Then with an excited smile, her lips would return to Jessica's.

By now Rose was all but mounted on top of Jessica. Rose's heavy swaying breasts brushed against Jessica's as Jessica's hand rubbed deeper and harder into Rose's thigh that reached across her lap. Her fingers tracing the lower curve of her thick butt and disappearing in the blackness of her stretched skirt. When her fingers brushed the sensitive and soft skin of her inner thighs, Rose's kissing changed. Her breath was held. Everything slowed down as Jessica worked her hand higher and higher until her fingers brushed the light bush over her vagina lips.

With her eyes closed, Rose mouth hung in awe as she gasped leaning back. Jessica pulled her body tight to hers as her fingers continued up and down the length of her lips. Watching her arousal carefully. Enjoying every second of it.

When Rose opened her eyes, she locked them with Jessica and slid a hand down Jessica's spine that sent shivers everywhere. *quot;I've never done anything like this before...*quot; Rose whispered, almost more astonished by herself. Slowly, Jessica eased Rose to her back on the couch with Jessica between her legs.

*quot;Don't worry,*quot; Jessica whispered back. *quot;I have.*quot;

Jessica pulled her own auburn hair to one side of her face and let it hang there as she lowered her lips to Rose's neck. She kissed gently going down her neckline starting below her ear. Jessica could feel Rose's hands cupping the back of her neck as Jessica kissed down her chest. When Jessica's hands peeled her thick curvy breasts from the top of her black dress. Rose purred a moan as Jessica squeezed them and suckled at the nipple.
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